Email Security

I thought everyone knew that email is NOT a secure method for transferring sensitive information.  Apparently not, because at Company X (where, by day, I'm the mild mannered Draconian I.T. Overlord) one of our employees hit the roof when Accounting … [Read more]

The Critique Process

At the recent meetup of the Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers Group, we talked about critique. The discussion was divided into three parts: tips when giving critique to others tips for receiving/processing critique, and using crit in your … [Read more]

What is a Drabble?

Drabbles are growing more and more popular. I'm seeing more and more drabble compilations, and I'm seeing more and more publisher calls for drabble-format fiction. So what is a Drabble anyway? A Drabble is a 100-word fiction story. Exactly one … [Read more]