2014 Writing Process Blog Tour

Fellow Minnesota Author Michael Merriam asked if I'd participate in a virtual blog tour about writing process. Actually, he told me if I didn't do it, "terrible misfortune was certain to come my way! Very soon!"   Fortunately, I know Michael is a … [Read more]

What Is A Birthday Ungift?

In addition to all other inalienable Birthday rights, I hereby add - The Birthday Purge and the Birthday Ungift. Birthday Ungift (noun) - Something you give up on your birthday that makes you happy to have it out of your life. Birthday Purge … [Read more]

Snickers #MonsterSatisfaction Giveaway!

Godzilla + Snickers + Fandango + FREE! In case you didn't know, there's a new Godzilla movie being released on May 16th 2014! Yes, the Heavyweight King of the Kaiju is back! No doubt, Godzilla will  go for an afternoon stroll through some city, … [Read more]

New Tips For Making The Best Password Ever

One of the most popular posts on this website about DARK FICTION is my method on  How To Make The Best Password Ever.  (Go figure.) But a  lot has changed since I posted that back in 2011, and I thought I would share how I've recently improved this … [Read more]

Bridging The Author / Audience Gap

The Gap Between "What The Author Meant" And "What The Audience Got" Recently, I attended/recorded a live reading by Minnesota author William Alexander at  Dreamhaven Books. William read/acted out a section of his latest book, Ghoulish Song. William … [Read more]