Awesome Books For Awesome Authors – Megacreativity: Five Steps To Thinking Like A Genius

megacreativity book coverDespite just reading a book on how to be more creative and think like a genius, I’m going to give a fairly un-creative and un-genius review of it. (Not that the book didn’t work, mind you. I’m just lazy.)

Anyway, Megacreativity: Five Steps To Thinking Like A Genius by Andrei Aleinikov is chock-full of tools, laws and brain-stretching-perspective-changers to make you definitely more creative, and very possibly more genius-like.

The tools and methods in this book are must-haves for authors. The BAMMA  (Brain Attack Multiplied by Morphological Analysis) technique  alone is worth the cost of the book, and will have you coming up with (no joke) millions of ideas in minutes.

Unfortunately sections of the book deviate into unnecessary testing, and picture-perspective non-problems (is it a rabbit, or is it a duck?)  Worst of all are the word games. Twisting the definitions of the problem or answer until your answer “works” isn’t genius, it’s annoying. It might work for writing and plots, but I’d call it being “clever” and heavy on the sarcasm. Try this with a paying client or a police officer if you don’t believe me.

And there was lots of presupposing that the reader was otnay ootay ightbray, if you know what I mean. Now I’m no genius (that’s why I’m reading books like this in the first place) but at the end of one test the author says, OK, here’s why you didn’t score very well….um, actually I scored higher than you, genius-author. Clearly the author had limited expectations of his audience. This writing style combined with the author’s constant bragging creates a tone that the author is talking down to the audience – “Here’s why I’m a genius, and *you* are not.” Ugh. Most people buy books like this to help them get smarter, not to make them feel stupid.

In the end, the tools in Megacreativity are worth learning even if you might have to overlooking the author’s tone and limitless personal success stories. This is a great book, not just for authors, but for any field where creativity is important. There’s lots of examples, encouragement and interaction. The writing is a high-school level, so you don’t have to be a genius to read it and I’m sure that even if you are already a genius you’ll get something out of it.

Conrad Zero

Yours Darkly, Conrad Zero