Movie Review: 30 Days of Night

According to imdb, Sam Raimi decided to step back from directing 30 Days of Night and only act in a producing role. After seeing Spider-Man 3 I have to say…good call. I mean, I went to Spider-Man 3 to see comic book action, and got a shitload of Blubbering-Emo-Boy.

Finally, a vampire movie where vampires aren’t a bunch of pussies sitting around drinking wine with their pinkies out.

Finally, a vampire movie with (gasp!) scary vampires.

Finally, a movie where people make REALISTIC choices despite the abstract situation. They did what you or I would do under the same bizarre circumstances. Too many movies go so far over the top that it’s impossible to suspend your disbelief (or your gag reflex). 30 Days of Night maintained a simple and tight story, and that kept the horror real. Sadly, this technique is the exception for American horror films.

30 Days of Night is Really graphic, I mean chopping someones head off with a dull axe…well, it’s pretty gritty, grim, dark and bloody; in other words, a damn good horror film, and possibly the best of the Vampire genre.

Conrad Zero

Yours Darkly, Conrad Zero