Big Game

A Dark Fiction Story From The Blackness Within  Anthology

Blake Richardson gets more than he bargained for when he interviews for a job at the world’s largest robotics company…

“Ever shot a fifty-caliber rifle before?”

“Well, no…”

“It’ll change your life Blake. That much power in your hands? The very existence of whatever you point it at decided on by the slightest twitch of your finger? You get to be a god for a tenth of a second. I want to be there, to see what kind of god you are.’

Big Game is a short story by dark fiction author Conrad Zero. Big Game combines corporate espionage, an eerie, secluded cabin in the Canada wilderness, the hunting trip of a lifetime, and the Biggest Game of all.

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“…well-written and engaging, and with enough gruesome details that it stays entertaining.”

“Other really good stories include “Big Game”, by Conrad Zero, about one company’s unique way of choosing a new CEO.”

“Some high points include… Mark Grundy and Conrad Zero wax Serling with “The Free Poor” and “Big Game”. ”
Shroud Magazine

From The Author

Big Game was written specifically for the Apex Book Company anthology titled The Blackness Within. You can read about my discovery of the anthology, and the acceptance of Big Game on my blog.

Big Game is my first, professionally-published story.

From The Publisher

Apex Publications is proud to announce the release of Stoker Award-nominated editor Gill Ainsworth’s latest anthology,  The Blackness Within: Stories of the Pagan God Moccus.

From Africa to Australasia, from Europe to the US, take a terrifying journey led by world-renowned and up-and-coming authors of horror. See how Moccus, the Celtic God of fecundity, brings His barbaric brutality to the twenty-first century.


Book Info

  • Genre:   Fiction / Dark Fiction / Horror / Urban Fantasy
  • Publication Date: 16 Aug 2010
  • Publisher: Apex Book Company
  • ISBN-10: 0984553525
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984553525
  • Book Length: 208 Pages
  • Book Trim Size: 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches